About me

Gerhard Brunner

born on April 29, 1950


Last job: General Manager Service

Company: Products for power, oil and gas business


September 1st, 2015 - Retirement

Too energetic to retire, because service is my passion.

Service deserves a special significance within the company.


My device:  Service starts with people.



My professional career


- Apprenticeship as draftsman

- 2 years military duty

- 3 years mechanical engineering

- 2 years in Stuttgart at a company producing bakery and plastics processing machines 


37 years experience in a big family-owned company, which manufactures nearly wearfree components for the energy sector, as well as raw materials and transport industry.

- Design engineering – focus on gear engineering

- Product developement

- Technically responsible for different product families

- 1 year troubleshooting in mining industry

- 5 months in Great Britain, resposible for the acquisition and close-down of a competitor

- 2001  Head of the global service business of a product group 


What did I achieve with my team:

  • Distinctive understanding of customers needs– service mentality
  • Competent team with clearly defined resposibilities
  • Structured processes
  • Acting according to the service guidelines
  • Growth due to pro-active service –  service sales quadrupled from 2001 to 2015


  • Long lasting cooperation with VDMA (Association of German machinery and equipment manufacturer) as part of the central research group for after sales service
  • Fellow campaigner for the study course „Service Engineer“ at the university of cooperative education in Mannheim, Germany
  • Member in the study group for international technical sales at the university of Aalen, Germany 

 Practical Experience as Freelancer (after retirement):

  • Consulting of a Swiss mechanical engineering company regarding the realignment of their service organization
  • Consulting regarding vibration engineering in the power sector
  • Failure Analysis and approach to solving the problem in the mechanical engineering industry
  • Expediting at an Italian company for a German customer of the mechanical engineerung industry
  • Interimsmanager in service for 6 months
  • Expediting in the mobility sector